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Tax Services, Compliance Issues, and Planning

Through our high level of customer service and family approach, Wheeler, Pepper and & Company CPAs PLLC goes beyond tax preparation to provide tax planning. We employ the broad-based expertise and creativity of our multi-discipline professional staff to ensure the most thorough and beneficial tax planning – no matter how complex a client’s tax issues. Above all, we are proactive, not only answering your tax questions but ensuring all the right questions are asked. No matter the tax issues involved, the team we assemble on your behalf always includes the leadership of the partners. And because of our uniquely low turnover of professional staff, you will enjoy a high level of service continuity.


Wheeler, Pepper and Company CPAs PLLC is expert in the preparation of the complex tax returns typical of individuals who have accumulated wealth, including individual income tax returns, family limited partnership income tax returns, and trust income tax returns for irrevocable, grantor and charitable trusts. We offer a unique depth of experience in preparation of estate tax returns and gift tax returns.


Our services for individuals include:

  • Preparing tax returns for any of the 50 states and numerous municipalities

  • A full range of federal and state electronic tax return filing

  • Providing a tax organizer to help you prepare for the upcoming tax filing

  • Providing a comprehensive copy of the tax returns filed on your behalf, in a nicely bound document that includes full instructions of your responsibilities




At Wheeler, Pepper and Company CPAs PLLC  we can help you with any and all of your tax compliance issues.  Some of the issues may include tax notices, audits, reviews, levies, and any correspondance with the taxing authorities.  With the new initiatives of the taxing authorites and accountability laws, there are a lot of unprompted investigations.  Our firm can provide you with the expertise and professional representation for these challanging situations.




We help our tax clients maximize income and estate tax savings.


Our experience and strategies include:

  • Advising on income tax and estate tax strategies for shifting assets to younger generation family members
  • Calculating the tax impact of converting IRA accounts into Roth IRAs and determining when conversions make sense
  • Advising on Section 1031 tax-deferred, like kind exchanges of real estate and business assets
  • Advising on harvesting capital losses during times of volatile financial markets, establishing capital loss carry-forwards to provide future tax savings
  • Implementing estate tax saving strategies, such as annual gifting, creation of trusts and freezing asset values at favorable valuations
  • Assisting clients with charitable gift planning, including maximization of tax savings, planning for timing of donations, and selection of assets as the most tax-advantageous to donate
  • Advising on tax savings that include various tax credits, including the tax credit for alternative minimum tax paid in prior years, energy tax credits, qualified education expense credits and contractor/manufacturing deduction
  • Performing income tax projections, including advice on when taxes are due
  • Advising executives on achieving tax savings through deferred compensation
  • Advising individuals on the tax impact of transferring assets to structures that are tax exempt or tax deferred, including: maximizing contributions to qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts; and maximizing tax benefits for saving for education, including Section 529 plans, education savings accounts, and tax-free gifting to pay tuition.

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